The Way You Clench Your Fist Actually Reveals a Lot about Your Personality

I was shocked to learn about my personality!

We communicate with each other in a wide variety of ways, many of which are non-verbal. A person's facial expressions and body language usually have more to say than the words coming out of their mouth. Small cues can reveal much about a person's state of mind and personality. Take the way you make a fist, for example. 

Since there are a limited number of places that your thumb can go when you clench your fist, there are really only three different types of fist personalities. The test is simple: Just make a fist and look to see where you place your thumb. Is your thumb on the outside of your fingers, pointing up? Is it on the outside, laying across your other fingers? Or is it underneath all of your other fingers? 

I was surprised to learn how accurate and spot on the description was for me. Read on to see how well it fits you.