This Is One Thing Women Look For In Their Male Partner  

It's pretty disturbing to find out.  

Picking a partner can become tricky. What should you look for? Whom should you avoid? All these questions can simply confuse you.  

Choosing a partner is obviously different for males and females. If you were to ask a group of women about what they look for in the partner, they'd probably come up with a long list. For them, their partner should be - 

- Financially stable 

- Have Good sense of humor

- Caring

- Responsible 

And the list goes on. 

But according to a recent study, it was found out that most women look for just one single quality. What is that quality? The study concluded that it isn't a six-figure paycheck or fancy cars or a big house that women want in their ideal man. 

Women simply want a partner that resembles their brother. Does it freak you out? It is as disturbing as it may sound. But this is the actual result of the study.  

Have a look.