Woman Who Was Called 'Monster' For Her Moles Can Be Crowned The Next Miss Universe

Beauty lies in being imperfect!

This 20-year-old young Malaysian woman living on the Island of Borneo, Ave Evita Patcey Delmundo, was born with hairy black and brown moles from head-to-toe. Throughout her primary school, she was bullied and branded as 'monster' and 'chocolate chip cookie' by her classmates. "That was a very difficult thing to swallow," she said in an interview taken by The ELLE Magazine. However, later in the school, the bullying reduced because her mother was one of the teachers there, and she got support from other teachers as well. But the main issue still remained. She was not able to accept herself as she was.

The Independent spoke to Evita, and she said that things changed when she was 16, while visiting a church camp- that was where she realised that she should accept herself as she was. However, a couple of times, she considered removing some overt moles, but the doctors said this could be life threatening. 

That was when she totally accepted herself.

Keep reading to know how she could be the next Miss Universe.