Ever Wondered Why the Wings of Some Airplanes Are Curved in the End?

Reasons behind the bent wingtips of airplanes.

Besides cramped up leg spaces and that uncomfortable upright position you got to stick to while in an airplane, what else do you notice about these flying mammoths? Some of you may love to watch those gorgeous air hostesses walking up and down the aisle while others may be content securing a window seat for some scenic treasures.

Talking about the window seat, have you observed that the wings of some airplanes have a slight curve at the end? For those who have nodded in affirmative, have you tried to find an answer to this curvaceous mystery? 

Let me not embarrass you by challenging your knowledge and do the honors of sharing a little technology behind those curved wingtips of the air crafts. Trust me; you will be elated to observe that curve the next time you board a flight and will not be able to resist flaunting your aircraft knowledge with your fellow passengers.

Please tighten your seat belts as we take off with our mini airplane technology class.