Ever Wondered Why Public Toilet Seats Are Usually U-Shaped?

Know why you sit on a U!

Most of you must have noticed that almost all the public toilets have U-shaped toilet seats. While at home, we have ovular or closed seats but this is not the case with public toilets.

Ever wondered, what could be the reason for the same?

Even the internet has been busy musing one of the great mysteries of the world: Why are the toilet seats in public bathrooms u-shaped while the ones we have at home do not have the gap at the front?
As with many such a conundrum, answers have been plentiful, but accuracy has been in short supply. To save you from having to wonder about this burning question, we have researched the matter thoroughly and can now bring you the definitive answers.
Oh, and by the way, during the investigation we also discovered that approximately 14% of phones have poop on them because people use them on the toilet. 

So, if you are reading this while hiding in the bathroom, please, don't forget to wash your hands and your phone afterwards!