Christopher Nolan Finally Confessed Why He Always Covers Tom Hardy's Face In Films

Is Dark Knight's Joker the reason?


Christopher Nolan, this name doesn't need any introduction. From small budget independent films to giving the biggest Hollywood blockbusters, it has taken 15+ years of filmmaking to give this world a single Christopher Nolan. But it seems it was worth it.

Nolan has written and directed the films like The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Inception or the recent release, Dunkirk. This guy is best known for his non-linear puzzled storytelling that grips the audience to their seats when they go and watch his films in theatres.

However, apart from his intimidating art of storytelling, there are certain patterns that he follows as a director and writer of the movie. For instance, you keep moving back and forth in time when you're watching his films. Apparently, what critics noticed in Dunkirk is different than this.

Have a look!