Why is Fortnite currently the most addictive game on the internet?

You can kill 99 people in this game and still lose. 

Internet's new sensation is a co-op game, Fortnite, which is free to play for the battle-royale mode on Pc, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.

So there's a purple storm which wipes out 98% of the population and gives life to zombie-like creatures. And you are part of the resistance. It sounds like any other survival game, but it isn’t one.

Even though Fortnite is not offering anything technologically advanced, it surely has the recipe to get you hooked to your console for hours together. Its most impressive feature is that you have to collect resources and build stuff to protect the survivors, and yourself.

The battle royale mode is what made the game so insanely famous, where you play online with 100 other players.

Here are the reasons why Fortnite is so addictive.