17 Illustrations That Show Why Couples Love Their Partners Unconditionally

You gotta see this if you're dating someone. 

All of us have been in relationships, at one point or another in our lives and we all know how phenomenal (well, mostly!) it feels. In my perspective, all relationships are a combination of few elements: love, fights, comedy or humor, emotions, and anger. Isn't it? 

Artists, Landysh Akhmetzyanova and Asia (a duo popularly known as Lingvistov), one day while chatting randomly realized that all the relationships are a series of comically relatable moments and incidences. In her own words, Landysh told Huffington Post, “I really wanted to celebrate love and relationships! Because it's a beautiful thing. But I am not a cheesy person. I decided to show what relationships are really about: We love people with all their imperfections and all the weird stuff they do. It makes them so special for us and it definitely makes our lives much more interesting!

Check out some of their best illustrations: