What This Museum Preserves And Displays Will Blow Your Mind

We were amazed!


Museums are somewhat paradoxical. As kids, we all hated visiting them, but as adults, we are fascinated by the idea to visit one and explore art and with right reasons. Artefacts are the defining elements of a museum. Some artefacts become so popular and get subjected to such a cult following that the museum they are kept in gets synonymous with the artefact. 

Don't believe us? Take the example of The Louvre in Paris. The chances are that you either conjured up the image of Harvard professor Robert Langdon running around or you thought about Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. 

Now we would like to present you another museum, but the speciality is that it's straight from Bizarreland. This museum is National Museum of Health & Medicine in Washington, and it preserves actual body parts of humans and animals and puts in on display. Want to learn more about what kind of artefacts this museum preserves.