Weird Celebrity Looks Are Here, And We Already Can't Wait For Halloween

Adorable yet unbearable.


Halloween is one of the rituals and oldest tradition which was firstly introduced by Europeans. The foundation of Halloween is complicated than any other days in different countries, as various people believe in celebrating the day differently. No doubt, Halloween is one of the much-awaited occasions across the globe.

Today, 31st October has become a trademark date, a festival which is dedicated to summer's end. Even the people of pop culture wait for this day with much hope.

What's interesting to notice is, celebrities are as excited as ordinary people about Halloween days, as they get to dress up in the weirdest and unloving ways for their fans. Every year, the huge number of celebrities share their disgust Halloween looks on social media, and fans could do nothing but admire their favorite ones. 

We at WittyFeed have compiled the list of celebrities who blew our minds away with their Halloween makeup.

Have a look!