This Couple Literally Got Married On Top Of The World, Guess Where!

Height of love!


It's a great feeling when you get married to your soulmate, right? It feels like you are on top of the world. What if you get married literally on top of the world, right at 17,600 feet on Mount Everest? That's doubling up your 'top of the world' feel. It's been said that love can move mountains, but sometimes love can also make you move up the mountains. 

So, when 32-year-old Ashley Schmeider and 35-year-old James Sisson from California decided to get hitched on Mount Everest, little did they realize that it was no walk in the park. The couple had to train for 1 year before they could actually go to Nepal. The couple was accompanied by their photographer Charleton Churchill who suggested them the idea to get married on Mount Everest. It was an effort by the trio to escape run-of-the-mill wedding shoots. 

Look at their incredible pictures.