What Are 13 World's Wealthiest Wives Up To?

What about Jerry Hall? 

After the insane popularity of Bravo's Real Housewife franchise, fans and followers of the show have grown even more obsessed with figuring out the routines of the world's wealthiest wives. 

It is clear that most affluent wives would never sign a contract to appear on any reality show as they have more important things to do in life like running the family business, eradicating poverty from the world or reminding husband (who happens to be the president of the US) to keep his hand on the heart while reciting national anthem.  

The heiress of multi-million dollar companies who are busy removing the bad from the world by donating some of their time to good causes has their entire month planned since day one of every month.

We at wittyFeed have compiled the list of 13 wealthiest homemakers and what lies behind their extravagant makeup. 

Have a look!