Stunning Water Birth Captures That Salute The Strength Of Women To Deliver A Child

NSFW, but worth it.


Water birth is the process of giving birth in a pool of warm water. There is a common belief that this results in a more relaxed and a less painful experience. But the safety may still be an issue of concern. There have been chances of infections in the mother or the child. But, research is constantly going on to overcome this.

This method of delivery is known to reduce labour pain and the warmth of the water produces a sedative effect. Also, the mother is able to attain a comfortable position at the time of giving birth. Moreover, the hormones that cause stress or anxiety are also known to see a dip in this method of giving birth.

Water birth is also known to reduce the risk of tearing. There are special birth pools designed for water births. Here we get to you photographs from photographers who trailblazed to click water birth photos.