Wives and GFs of FIFA World Cup Players Who are More Than 'Just Pretty'

Temperature soaring!

Multimillion-dollar transfer deals, speedy sports cars, magnificent islands, insane fan following, verified social media profiles and luring branded deals, international football brings everything to a player that he can lavishly dream of.
And when these players finally have a girlfriend or a wife, it gets much obvious for the ladies in their life to make the headlines. If you ever read about the football players and their WAGs, you would be surprised to find out that most of them have married/dated supermodels. And why not, these guys have everything in them to win the hearts of the divas who themselves are the queen of stardom.
Here are a few out of many WAGs (including those of retired players) who are more than just pretty faces. Some of them are models, but they still have something that sets them apart.