Scientists Discover 91 Volcanoes Below Antarctica Ice Sheet And DNAs Of Complex Life

You can wear a T-shirt there.    


Antarctica is an icy place as the facts suggest that only one percent of the total land in that region is exposed. During the time of glacial periods, the ice expanded to the extent that ice sheets were spread onto the ocean. The place is relentlessly cold but life exists on Antarctica. When scientists say life, they don't mean microbial; but insects and worms too.   

How did they manage to stay alive in such icy conditions? Well, an Australian scientist Ceridwen Fraser says volcanoes could be the reason. 

To understand the story of how Fraser discovered life at such a place, we'll have to understand another research, which is being carried out by Edinburgh University. It has revealed that there are more than 90 volcanoes beneath ice sheets of Antarctica. 

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