Dog's Reaction to Her Cancer Result is a Priceless Moment Caught on Camera

If this doesn't bring tears to your eyes, nothing will.

A Golden Retriever dog, Lily, lives with her people in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. One day, Lily fell ill, and she was so sick that she could hardly stand or breathe on her own. Dog specialist tested her and found out that she had a tumour on her spleen that caused her to bleed internally. If her adopted family had delayed the blood transfusion, Lily would be dead in a few hours.

The tumour Lily suffered was called as hemangiosarcoma, a cancer type in Golden Retrievers. Surgery was urgent, but even with the surgery doctors said that she'd only get a few days.

When a tumour was removed, it was as vast as 6 pounds. Lily's caretakers were desperately waiting for the results because doctors had said that even though Lily seemed much better, cancer could come back.

Lily's family spent all their savings on her surgeries and bingo! Lily had beaten the odds. Now the next big thing that her family did was tell Lily, and her reaction was priceless.