Video Of a Genius Dad Who Made a Backyard Luge For His Kids Goes Viral

It's should not be father's day, it's father's DIY.

Who in the world would not agree that their father is a father of all the DIYs in the world? There's no limit to which parents love their children, love that is pure and rare in all its ways. Sometimes it goes far beyond our imagination. Just like the way you witnessed in the video above.

Christine shares, "My husband built this 300-foot long ice luge with our kids. We have 15 children who we love and who all love each other. The family is what matters to us. We all enjoy riding our homemade luges each year. We've been doing it for approximately 15 years. We began in our previous house, and now that we have a bigger yard, the track has gotten much longer. I've included our latest family picture so that you can see what matters to us!"