11 Lesser Known Facts About O.J. Simpson Case And Verdict

Payroll is conspiracy?


After spending nearly nine years in prison, the so-called notorious footballer, O.J. Simpson, also known as Orenthal James Simpson, is soon going to be a free man. Yes, it's true.

The footballer turned actor, O.J. Simpson, nicknamed as 'The Juice' will be released from the Nevada Lovelock Correctional Center, and the expected date for him to come out is October 1, 2017. A committee of four payroll/parole commissioner announced this with the total of four unanimous votes.

For those who still don't know or might have forgotten, infamous footballer, O.J. was sentenced to 9 to 33 years of time in jail after declared guilty in 2008 armed robbery, along with ten other charges.

At the time of his trial in 2008, prosecutors said that Hall of Famer (including five other men) was armed with a deadly weapon as they walked into Las Vegas casino hotel room in September 2007, and stole important objects such as signed game balls and pictures.

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