8 Uncommon Ways People Go To Office Everyday

Sleep, Swim, Work, Repeat? Wait… What?


When the difference between your home and office is quite much, you know that if you will take a cab or vehicle, you will meet the traffic. So, what would you do? How will you plan the trip? Leave from home early? The reason I am being so curious about this topic is that today I have a bunch of stories about people who are using exceptional ways to commute to their office every day.

Some swim to workplace every day, some row in rivers to avoid traffic on road, some take flights every day and some just walk. And by walking, I mean they cover 42-mile trip every day. The fact is commuting can only be fun if you have a unique to do it.

So, read these interesting ways people are using to commute every day. And if you have some creative suggestions, please let us know in the comments section.