Why Donald Trump Ignores 'White' Eminem But Responds to 'Black' Jay-Z? 

A beef that is getting weird now.

Ever since entering the White House, President Donald Trump has been involved in countless beefs. From Congress to NFL players, judges to rappers, he has taken shots at everyone but there's one man against whom he is yet to take a stand, and he's our 'White Rapper' Eminem. 

Donald Trump recently took some shots at our 'Black Rapper' Jay-Z when he threw some comments on him. Like everyone else, I lost my mind because Eminem has been going after Trump for over a year now and still, hasn't received a response whereas a single comment from Jay couldn't stop President's tweeting fingers to react. 

But, what can be the reason behind this? Is Trump afraid of Eminem? Or, is he truly a racist? Many great people including political commentators have shared their view on the incident. Before we jump into that, let me tell you what Slim Shady and Jay have said about the president.