Couple Traveled 41 Countries For A Cause That Is An Inspiration To All The Parents

Come, take a learning from them!

Everyone has a curiosity to unlock mysteries, but how many of us really do something about it? Talking about happiness alone, many phrases and self-help books have been written on the topic. But, what actually is happiness? For some, it is when your dream comes true and the time it happens, you are with your loved ones, making you a part of sanctity. Maybe this is happiness! 

A man, Mihai Barbu actually did this! He was bored from his city mock life. He packed his bag, tightened his shoelaces and moved out for his ultimate adventure with his loved ones. Do you remember, "Journey to the Mysterious Island"? In the movie, Dwayne Douglas Johnson made his son proud of him. That journey was marvelous! In the same way, Barbu went with his lifeline-girlfriend Oana and his heart-beat-son Vladimir! 

The trio didn't drive to the "Mysterious Island" but traveled across Europe. Yes, you read that right. 41 countries of Europe And that too on their "Zair" (they nicknamed the 2014 Ural Ranger sidecar they rode in).  

Let's take a look at their pictures in the adorable places of Europe.