Ever Wondered What $1 Can Buy You Across The World?

Here's a 'broke man's menu'!


Before going on with the article, I want to ask one question - 'How many of you have planned a trip anywhere, local or foreign, and held yourself back because you were broke?' Raise your hands shamelessly, no one's judging you. In fact, I am one of them. Being broke puts a lot of our plans behind bars. Heck, many times we had to stretch the lasts of our money in order to survive a whole month.

The best way was to starve for days and cocoon ourselves in our rooms. I am talking about the days when the sight of real currency made your heart skip a beat. But, however light on the wallet we are, the dream to have a trip around the world never leaves our head.

But even if you can afford to travel anywhere, what then? How can you budget-eat in a totally different country? Luckily, most of the countries have their own version of Dollar-Gourmet. If you’re on a broke man’s budget but want to keep your stomach full, check out what $1 will get you around the world: