This Abandoned Secret Town Is Six Times The Size Of New York But Totally Hidden

Were you aware of the town?


Our world history comprises of uncountable mistakes, that led to this world into peril. And to think, that we would learn something from those mistakes turned out to be false. Not from the past, but we bring a grave, historic error from the 21st century itself.

Naypyidaw, the new capital city of Burma, is designed as an artificial tribute city to the glorious military Junta which ruled the country of Myanmar since the World War II. Than Shwe, the despotic ruler of Burma spent more than 26 billion Euros, borrowing major amounts of it from the Central Bank, a debt directly imposed on the already poor citizens of one of the poorest nations of South East.

The new capital has been shifted to a barren land from the cultural, historical and economic heartland of the country, Yangon, 320 miles north. The city, six times the size of NYC, is almost vacant and is one of the biggest abandoned cities of the world. 

Read on to know more and have a look at the pictures of this bizarre town.