15 Images That Perfectly Show Travel Expectation Vs Reality 

#11 really saddened me!


Time and again we have been lured with the picturesque clicks of the so-called exotic destinations. Also, there is no denying the fact that while having high expectations of the place, we have been brutally brought down with the reality, when we visit it. The beyond beautiful and out of this world pictures are a bait and often a misconception of the place.

Your so called stress-free getaway may not be so, it may, in fact, be a cruel disappointment. The clicks that give vent to your wanderlust, clip the wings of your imagination when you happen to visit them and come to terms with the harsh reality.

Let me tell you, those beaches that look nothing less than a way to heaven, the ice-clad white mountains, the crystal clear blue water are rarely so. Just like you had been enticed with their serenity and charm, a lot of others were, too. So, before planning that expensive holiday, just bear in mind the popularity of the place. 

Here are some photographs that will bust a lot of myths of some of the famous holiday destinations of the world.