18 Bizarre Things You Will Find Only In Dubai

#14 is unbelievable!


Dubai has a reputation of a must-visit destination throughout the world. It is the most populous city in U.A.E. which is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. Dubai has emerged as the cosmopolitan city that has grown rapidly. It is also the major transport hub and a dream destination for many.

Dubai is known for the richness and ways of local "Sheikhs", an Arabic word meaning the elder of a tribe, they are very rich and known for their luxurious life.

To travelers, visiting something bizarre is always appreciable. What if we tell you that not just its prosperity, Dubai is also known for the atrocious possessions of the sheikhs that are only possible to be seen in UAE.

So, here at WittyFeed, we present to you a few of those hilarious exhibits that Dubai has to offer, so you won't be startled when confronting any of those. Take a look.