These 12 Enticing Places Make Spain A Traveller's Paradise

These places are heaven on the Earth!


Hola Amigos, we hope you all have been doing great. As we had promised that we would start our world tour, we kick it off with Spain. The perfect country enriched with beautiful beaches and scenery, which makes it one of the dream destinations for many photographers and fellow travellers. 

While writing this story, we felt as if we were travelling through these fabulous places ourselves. What makes Spain so perfect for photographers is the vast surrounding of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is also famous worldwide for its football teams, the biggest clubs being Real Madrid, Athletico Madrid and Barcelona. The major tourism cities of Spain include Seville, Valencia, Majorca, Granada, Barcelona and Madrid.  

Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe, after Switzerland. Make sure you visit all of these places when you next travel to Spain. Share this with all your friends who love to travel.