Trapped In Superstitious Beliefs? Well, Some Funny Logic Can Light You Up

Superstitions - Silly or Funny ?


Don't don't don't....just don't walk under a ladder, by doing this you'll be welcoming Mr Bad Luck. One can also play the reverse game, turning the bad luck into good, by knocking on a wooden door twice. 

Kudos! We are supreme, how easily we can govern our luck!

We all are familiar with these superstitions because we'e heard our elders talk about them since our childhood. Many of us ended up believing them all. 

For instance, we believe that our sneezes are loaded with power to the extent that they can obstruct the auspicious work. 

We believe that washing our heads on Saturday will shower the rage of God on us. But wait dear, what's all this? What's the logic behind it? It all sounds funny. Have you ever wondered that just a little bit of logic can make all of this seem like a joke. It can make you burst into laughter in mere seconds.