Top 10 Giants Of WWE Who Are Big Enough To Scare Even A Dinosaur

The Gargantuan Humans!

Wrestling is one of the most fascinating avenues of sports entertainment genre. Why is it ‘sports entertainment’? Because this is the one field in sports where necessarily having an impressive CV in amateur wrestling or martial arts is not enough to win you success. In an industry, which is by large a monopoly, thanks to the McMahon family, who have made ‘wrestling’ a household matter via their family business, the other perquisites are also having impressive mic skill and also an on-screen avatar that grabs attention. The ones who can provide an amalgamation of all of these three qualities are usually the ones who are promoted by their respective brands.

To this effect, promoting a giant in wrestling might sound easy, but it is harder said than done. Time tested results show that the best wrestlers aren’t the best talkers on mic. And some have even more lacklustre on-screen personas.