Things One Should Never Say To LGBT People But Accidentally Ends Up Saying

Are you making the same mistakes?


My friend, who is more close to me than any of his friend shares that he navigates the complicated grey area that his identity occupies on sexuality, even despite all the gains which LGBT community has made.

I'm sure most of us still make the same mistake. Though we never notice or consider it as one, a lot of us still call LGBT people like gay, bisexual, and lesbian or trans; according to their orientation. Why do we do so? Imagine, how would you feel if someone called you by offensive names?

My friend told me that people unintentionally annoy him by asking questions like, "Are you full-fledged gay, or you change it sometimes?" I mean, really? Unfortunately, I feel pity for those narrow minds who question LGBT people's motivation and lifestyle and oppress them in a way as if these LGBT people belong to some other planet.

My friend also says that being in an intimate relationship with a person of the same-sex doesn't make you gay or lesbian, just like being in the relationship with the individual of the opposite sex would not make you straight. Feelings which you get from inside is what matters the most.

The society needs to learn how to behave equally with everyone, and for that reason, we have created a list of things which you should never (intentionally/unintentionally) say to LGBT folks.

Have a look!