13 Things That Never Existed Before 2K17

Sometimes, it's the first time. 


There are things that happen every now and then, and then there are things that happen once in a while that actually change the course of future for humanity. 

While thinking about something unique to write, the idea of things that never existed before 2017 came to my mind. 

Apparently, at first I thought of including newborn stars of Mark Zuckerberg, Beyonce, and others on the list, but then a thought struck my mind that said, "dude, celebrity babies are born everyday, how many of them are you gonna write about?" That's when I realized that yes, I don't want to end up writing about popular infants. 

So, I worked on the idea a little, typed a few keywords here and there and googled some of the amazing AF things in the world that never existed before 2017.

Look what I found!