Your Man is Noticing All These Things Minutely and You're Clueless

A cheat sheet, by your side.


To women who think that men live in oblivion or lack the observation skills, time to shatter all those inhibitions. While we women are just always involved in fun and trying to perfect that makeup look, we forget that men do notice about us. Although they do not show how much they pay attention to us and our little habits, they are the ones who observe us more than we do. 

Here is a list of things that men notice minutely and we women are simply clueless. Most men would admit to women's complaints of being ignorant on a lot of matters, but they are also trying hard to dodge all stereotypes, which their comprehensive observation skills. 

Yes ladies, mind it, they do notice the color of your bra strap, they do pay attention to how you smell and also what you do when no one is watching! Read on to know the cheat codes.