7 Things Bisexual Women Want You To Know 

They don't want to have a threesome. 

Nearly 4% of the world's population is identified as bisexual even if they don't come out with it openly. Being bisexual means you are attracted to more than one gender, and these people face a lot of discrimination. People often assume that they can't 'make up their mind' or it's just a phase that they're going through and ultimately they will identify as straight or gay. But that's not necessarily possible. 

Even if you know any woman who identifies as bisexual, you don't have to be all judgemental around her but try to understand the world from her point of view. Although, she may not burst out in anger or get violent, but a few small incidents could end up repelling her. Here are some things you need to understand while being friends or dating a bisexual woman.