These Stubborn People Refused To Be Forced Out Of Their Homes

Home is home, no matter what!


Most of you are aware of the fact that when your surrounding starts changing after a while & it becomes a compulsion for you to adapt to that. As "Change is inevitable".

It's continually been difficult to get used to this when your neighbourhood is a whole new world. You start losing those enchanting little stores and eateries that you once adored. Those charming little roads you called home some time back & it now looks as if in a state of vanish. What if in all these conditions you choose to stay put & refuse to leave your home? Sounds rigid? Well, such people do exist in today's scenario. Society might call them 'stubborn', but I call them heroes.

And I think not just me, if you take a look, you'll be much amazed to see these people declining to abandon their homes. Regardless of how many industries comes to the town, these heroes wouldn't relinquish the spots they once cherished.