Then And Now Pictures Of 'The Big Bang Theory' Cast Show How Amazingly They've Transformed

Time flies and leaves its marks behind.


This story is not meant for the people who're faint of heart. The transition of our favorite celebrities has brought with it some good, bad and ugly things.

No matter how many times I have watched all the seasons of the Big Bang Theory... To me, it feels like all of these has just started a day ago. I mean common, I've not yet overcome my crush for Kaley and the internet is telling the stories of the 10th anniversary of the show in 2017. To me, every year is 2007, when it had all started for the first time.

It's tough to accept it was ten years ago when 'The Big Bang Theory' kicked the small screen on Sep. 24, 2007. As well as actress Kaley Cuoco's surprising split from Ryan Sweeting. Let's talk about the inception of everybody's favorite CBS sitcom. Scroll below and take a look at how much the stars we admire have changed from their early days on the show to what they're up to now, along with some interesting facts.

Let's have a look!