Then & Now Couple Photos That Will Reinstill Your Faith In Undying Spirit Of Love

Love is eternal, hence proved!


How often has it happened that you have looked at your earlier pictures and wondered how you looked then? How often have you seen the same amount of love in pictures that you see today? Well, this is reasonably rare in this ever-changing world. And lucky are those who can match the same love, even in photos! 

Here we get to you then and now photos of couples who had been in love and are in love. The clicks are so mesmerizing and so drenched in love that you will be provoked to get hands on your old clicks. Moreover, you may also want to get some of those mushy photographs clicked with your 'one and only,' today.

Some of the photographs have been taken over a span of as long as even 70 years. So, in all, they are a must watch. Scroll down to get an emotional ride. Hold tight, folks!