The War Of Mad Queens: What Next Can We Expect To Witness In GoT?

Is Daenerys slowly turning into a Mad Queen?

There are many shows that reach deep into the core of its viewers, but not many were able to leave the same mark that was left by HBO's Game of Thrones. More than just passionate watching, we believe in it like a religion. People have fallen in love with its characters, hated them, grew fond of them and rooted for them in their battles.

Season 7 of the show has been a hugely anticipated season and as the series' run is slowly approaching its finish line, many devoted watchers are crossing their fingers for the big battle to be coming up. Many of whom are coming up with various theories on the future of their characters. And all the food for thought required for these theories has been fueled by the previous episodes.

Here, at WittyFeed, I wish to talk about our all time favorite Daenerys Targaryen and her transition into becoming the Mad Queen. Without any further delay, let's dive right into it.