How Many Horses Can You See In These Paintings? The New Addiction Of Puzzle Solving

I guess there are 12 in total. 


Optical puzzles have been hitting the internet for quite some time now, and we've been challenged by even more tricky illusions every time we search for one. But these aren't the things of the millennia. In fact, artists have been doodling them from a very long time.

Artist Bev Doolittle painted a gorgeous horse painting back in 1975 titled 'Pintos.' Bev with her husband was on a voyage around southwestern regions of America when she was enthralled by a herd of chestnut horses. The view of those horses staring at the couple made an impression and was carved in her heart. The artist was then struck with the idea of making such paintings, and now when you will be going through Bev's artwork, you'll know how hard it is to make one. But, that's not the objective, then let's focus on finding the horses in the following couple of images.