Countries That Offer Visa-Free Access to 'Powerful Passports'

The visa-free access of these countries will blow your mind


Someone rightly said, “If traveling was free, you wouldn’t see me again.” Well true that, but it isn’t. Travelling is expensive, and you need a passport and visa to enter another country.

Traveling has always been symbiotic with freedom. And your freedom to travel (Visa-free access or visa on arrival) will germane to the power of your passport.

The German passport was considered as the most powerful for last five years but is now surpassed by Japan and Singapore.

In 2008, there were 24 countries in the top 10 position. In 2018, there are 28 countries in the top 10 of which 21 are from Europe. Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are the worst passports in the world having visa-free access to only 30 or fewer countries.

The ranking is based on how many countries a citizen can travel on a particular country/territory’s passport.