This Artist Creates Real Life Illustrations In Exchange For Silly Secrets Of People  

Blunt, bold, badass confessions inside.     


When it comes to art, Instagram is the holy grail. There's so much of talent on this social network, that sometimes I spend hours on the web, scrolling through artists' profile and artwork and admire them for what they do. From anonymous artists to legends, you'll find everything and everyone on this social networking site. 

Just like this, while I was scrolling through the internet today, I came across an Instagram account of Terence Eduarte, an illustrator from The Philippines. When I looked closely, I saw that all of his art work is based on a singular theme. Tell him a secret, and he'll make you a piece of art. He believes that every person has an interesting story to share, and that's what inspired him to channel this project. He started off with his friends, and then soon the word spread like wildfire. Today, he has gathered more than 100 secret confessions from people and turned them into illustrations.

We at WittyFeed bring the best 15 for you.      

Have a look!