Taylor Swift's New Song Reveals What She Feels For Her Ex-Boyfriends

'Look What You Made Me Do.'

If you're not a 'Swiftie' aka a die hard Taylor Swift fan, then you're most probably going become one in the days to come. The songstress had taken a long break from singing in 2014 (Yeah, just like her best buddy Ed Sheeran), she is all set for making a comeback with all the force in the world by her side.

Ahead of the release of her album 'Reputation', the singer released the album art cover which is themed as newspaper print. The design of the cover signifies that she may not have loved the recent publicity she has got, as there has been news in the press about her celebrity feuds with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, DJ beau Calvin Harris and with Tom Hiddleston.

After the release of her album cover, Taylor Swift released a new single from the record titled as 'Look What You Made Me Do,' and trust me; the lyrics of the songs are a perfect match to her all the relationship hookups and breakups.

We at WittyFeed have guessed which verse of the song is the best fit for her which beau.

Have a look!