12 Strangest Confessions Will Tell You Why These Twins Swapped Places

No one would ever identify them, not even you!

I never thought that being a twin could be so much fun. Well, I was never born one, but my cousins are twins. Would you believe, they used to had so much fun together and not just that, they've had so much escaping moments where they served to be of great help to each other.

When I was a kid I used to think that, it is just a parent trap and being an adult I realized that I wasn't completely wrong. Being one of the twins isn't just a trap for your family but for others too. I wonder how many people have ever wished there were two versions of them. Did you ever think of it now or used to think back then in your childhood? Wishing someone, to take the fall for you? Someone to ace a test for you, just reach somewhere you can’t be, or just cover your backside? Well, only you have the answers.

What I have, are the interesting stories and confessions that I discovered recently on the web. They'll tell you what these identical twins did while having each others' back since their childhood to the adult stage. Let's listen to some of these stories and confessions.