20 People Who Proved Their Existence By Doing Strange And Weird Things

I don't think you have seen such insanity before.


"Do what you love, and do it well - that's much more meaningful than any metric. - Kevin Systrom"

Many people in this world have heard or read this quote, but some people took it seriously to perform strange things in public or while being alone. 

We know many things that are strange and cannot be carried out in public, but some people defy all those boundaries and do what they love. These people catch the attention of the world by acting weird. 

Now you may be wondering about what strange things I am talking about? Well, this is what we are here to present to you. A man sleeping on the McDonald's symbol above the ground, a girl eating her hand, a man with strange clothes, and many such types of people who were captured while doing something unexpected and unusual. 

So, let us now head down towards the list and see people who did strange and weird things.