Women Are Flaunting Their Bodies Proudly on Social Media with a Powerful Message


Women Are Flaunting Their Bodies Proudly on Social Media with a Powerful Message

Body shaming, name calling, slut-shaming and what not. We don't get the point what is the benefit in belittling someone. What good does that get to someone, except for ego-venting? It is already high-time we realise that we need to give up on all these vices and grow together. 

With the constant hammering of being comfy in our own skin and to wear confidence atop any outfit, there comes this ultra body positive campaign, #InYourOwnSkin by Missguided. The brand's last year's campaign, #MakeYourMark also received great acclamation on social media for its positive intentions. 

#InYourOwnSkin features six women who have albinism, burn marks, skin conditions like Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) and psoriasis, freckles, tattoos, and birthmarks, and they want to make a statement with all the conviction and zeal. 

Have a look at the stunning campaign by Missguided to empower women around you. 

Meet the six stunning women starred in the campaign.  



They are indeed on a challenge to change the misguided definitions of beauty and to inspire all the babes around the world to love themselves, for themselves. And they, for sure, are doing it the right way.  

They emphasise on f*ck perfection, for it doesn't exist.


Meet Polly and Joanne, slaying the world with their confidence. Joanne has albinism and is working her way through modeling to shun stereotypes.  

Here's Beth, who is a college student in Manchester and is suffering from psoriasis. 


This is her first modeling gig and she has surely rocked it with her aura and the unapologetic smile. Long way to go, girl. Well begun is surely half done! 

Isabella Fernandes has burn marks on her skin after a mishap in her house. 


When she was 17, she caught her shirt in a fire. She wants to normalize disabilities and disfigurements, with awareness through modeling. It is the self-confidence in her that is paving the path for her motive. 

The next flag-bearer is Polly Ellens.


To her, body positivity means "Being 100 percent comfortable in yourself."

She has freckles on her face and body and has tattoos covering her arms, legs, neck, and chest. 

Meet Mariana Mendes who has a birth mark on her face and knows fairly well how to embrace it.


A Brazilian model and fashion designer, is an epitome of self-acceptance.

Meet the ever-smiling, Maya. 


She has a rare skin condition, Epidermolysis Bullosa, in this the skin blisters easily. She believes that the flaws actually make us more human. 

Long way to go, girls. We applaud your spirits and confidence. Keep slaying with all the imperfections. 

Are you in support of the campaign?