Why is Fortnite currently the most addictive game on the internet?

You can kill 99 people in this game and still lose. 

Why is Fortnite currently the most addictive game on the internet?

Internet's new sensation is a co-op game, Fortnite, which is free to play for the battle-royale mode on Pc, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.

So there's a purple storm which wipes out 98% of the population and gives life to zombie-like creatures. And you are part of the resistance. It sounds like any other survival game, but it isn't one.

Even though Fortnite is not offering anything technologically advanced, it surely has the recipe to get you hooked to your console for hours together. Its most impressive feature is that you have to collect resources and build stuff to protect the survivors, and yourself.

The battle royale mode is what made the game so insanely famous, where you play online with 100 other players.

Here are the reasons why Fortnite is so addictive.

You can dance


Yes, you can dance and do all sorts of weird steps amid battles and amuse yourself and the enemies. This is not some mellow zombie survival game where you find the meaning of life. It's cool and funny, so take a stab at it.

It's free

Yes, one of the reasons for its popularity is that its online Battle Royale mode is free to play, and its online streaming is going viral. Fortnite never disappoints.

Battle Royale

The Battle Royale mode is a map with 100 online players. The battle zone shrinks to maintain the thrill and the pace. You are dropped via a flying bus voluntarily anywhere on the map, and the madness begins.

You get to build stuff

Fortnite has the physics engine similar to a Looney Toons world. You can get crazy creative and build from all the wood, bricks, and metal you earn after destroying cars and other tangible stuff. You will need wood to immediately build structures to defend yourself, in case of an imminent attack.

A wide range of weapons

Initially, you are dropped in the battle royale map with only an ax. You have to loot players or chests to build your munitions inventory. Your survival will be determined primarily by how you use your weapons.

No pairing up

You cannot make alliances with enemies. If you do, you will get blocked. Everyone is on their own, which cranks it up a notch.

Choose crazy skins

You can earn V-Bucks and select skins which match your taste. There is a crazy range available to experiment with. It's kind of like Fortnite's USP.

It packs its own oomph factor

One of the best thing about Fortnite is that it's so god damn funny. There are hundreds of WTF moments each day. People would do anything to survive in this game. The unpredictability forces people to be desperate and stupid.

You can be Thanos

Yes, you heard it right. You can play Thanos. The infinity gauntlet mode lets you defeat Thanos and become him unless someone kills you too and take your role as Thanos.  It's awesome when you play as the Mad Titan, and crush your enemies with a snap of your finger.