How Well Do You Know American Sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

NBC come to the show's rescue.

How Well Do You Know American Sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

After a brief cancellation by Fox, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is revived by National Broadcasting Company (NBC). Fox faced criticism from fans for canceling the show. So, NBC decided to give the show a new life and made th fans happy again.

So, to celebrate this excellent revival news, we decided to make a quiz around the fantastic show. Take the quiz and find out how well do you know Brooklyn Nine-Nine before the show comes back on NBC. 

What is Sergeant Terry's favorite yogurt flavor?


What is the name of Terry Jeffords' wife?

In the episode, 'The Bet,' what was Jake and Amy's final score of arrests?

Can you guess the name of Jake's favorite artist?

Which precinct does the show takes place in?

Who plays the character of Captain Ray Holt?

How many pints of blood did Jake donate when he forgot to put up the posters for blood drive?

What is the name of Captain Ray Holt's husband?

Who plays Jake's father Captain Roger?