The New Venom Trailer is Here and it Actually Has 'Venom' in it

The trailer ushers in a monster.

The New Venom Trailer is Here and it Actually Has 'Venom' in it

The freshly released trailer of 'Venom' confirmed the movie would feature multiple symbiotes (And, I can't keep calm!). This turns out to be the second trailer of Venom where viewers (read crazy fans) actually get the first glimpse of Tom Hardy's symbiotic antihero in action. 

The trailer offers only one full look at the anti-hero, but there's a lot of other showings of his powers. No spoiler here, but the trailer also sheds some light on how the movie will modify Venom's origins for the sake of a film independent of Spider-Man. We also see Eddie Brock as a reporter, who probes a wicked group addressed as The Life Foundation. Brock's investigation drives him to the discovery of multiple symbiotes and the exposure that leads him bonding with one to become Venom.

And oh, here's the official poster too! 



I was perplexed by the question of how Fox could make 'Venom' an independent movie of Spider-Man because Venom was induced in the plot after Peter Parker didn't take up a partnership with an alien creature - the symbiote. After having been driven away by Parker, the symbiote finds Brock, who already blamed Spidey for his life falling apart. Together, the two merge to become Spidey's worst enemy! 

Well, let's see what 'Venom' has in store for us. 

PS: Have a look at the trailer.

I am already excited! And you?