Hard Questions Mark Zuckerberg Faced in the Senate Hearing

From tracking users' devices to making money...

Hard Questions Mark Zuckerberg Faced in the Senate Hearing

By now, almost everyone on the internet knows about the massive mess Facebook is in because of the data scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Since the issue involved data of 87 million users which also affected the US Presidential elections, things aren't looking good for the young CEO of the largest social network giant. 

Mark Zuckerberg appeared before the Senate to discuss the ongoing data privacy issues on Tuesday. As Mark Zuckerberg was honestly grilled by the Senate, it is important to know what kind of questions he faced, no matter how irrelevant or difficult they may be. Believe me, some of them were. That's why we have compiled a list of such questions. 

See for yourself!

"Would you be comfortable in sharing the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?"

"Um, no."

Well, it is ironical. When Facebook tracks every single piece of information of its users. When it knows every IP address we've ever used, every app we have on our phones, every event we are going to, every ad we have ever clicked on. This question and the next, by Sen. Dick Durbin, was on point!


"If you messaged anybody, would you share the names of the people you messaged?"

"Senator, no, I would probably not choose to do that publicly here."

Again, it is funny how Facebook admitted to going through private conversations of its users. In case you didn't know, sorry to break the bubble, but ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL CHATS are scanned. That is exactly the point that the Senator made. He said it is all about your right to privacy and the limits of the right to privacy. Do you agree?

"How do you sustain a business model in which users don't pay for your service?"

"Senator, we run ads."

I almost chuckled at this one. Because how else did Senator Hatch think they made money? Weren't ads the medium which ended up affecting people's votes in the US Presidential Elections? We are studied, everything we do is studied, they probably know us better than we do ourselves. Maybe we are the product.

"You don't think you have a monopoly?"

"It certainly does not feel like that to me."

Umm, I'll have to disagree with Mark on that one. Frankly, Senator Graham did bring out a valid point there. Because Facebook IS the SECOND MOST USED SOCIAL MEDIA in the United States. The first one is an app for the LGBT community, but let's be honest, a dating app is a different service than a social media platform which does everything from business to data mining.

"Whether Facebook tracks users' devices when they're not connected to Facebook?"

"I'm not -- I'm not sure the answer to that question."

Well, the reports know the answers to that. I mean, that is what the entire fight was about, wasn't it? Third party apps gaining an access to such data through Facebook because the user information can be tracked. I honestly thank Senator Blunt to be blunt about that question!

"Your user agreement sucks!"


Well, it is kinda tough to argue with that. Isn't it? Cause Sen. John Kennedy openly said that the Facebook user agreement only exists to "cover their rear end". And there was no counter to that.

That is all for now from us. Hope you enjoyed the story. 

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