Which Celebrity Duo Are You And Your BFF?

This quiz has the perfect answer. 

Which Celebrity Duo Are You And Your BFF?

We often compare our best friend with a famous duo. Like for me, I think of my best friend as Proof and me Eminem. I mean I see our friendship, in the same way, they two were. So, if you want to know you and your friend's duo, then you are the right place because after taking this quiz, we will tell you exactly who you and your BFF are.

So, take the quiz and also ask your BFF to play to know if you get the same answer or not.    

Pick a television show duo:


How often do you two get into fights?

What do you prefer to do on your weekends with BFF?

Where did you two meet?

Do you see each other often?

Pick a duet song to listen to:

Pick a matching thing you would like to have:

Pick a track about friends: