The Beauty of Birth! Photographer Captures Woman Giving Birth in Hospital Corridor

The mother didn't even reach ER before the newborn made his appearance. 

The Beauty of Birth! Photographer Captures Woman Giving Birth in Hospital Corridor

Pregnancy and childbirth are the happiest and most fulfilling moments for a mother and her family. In the olden days, midwives used to assist a pregnant woman in her delivery, while all the other men used to wait outside. The times have now changed. From a private affair, it has now transformed to the trend of pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy photography. 

But have you ever seen a woman being captured giving birth? 

Well, if not, you must see these remarkable childbirth pictures of a woman giving birth unexpectedly in the hospital corridor. Mother Jes Hogan had barely reached the ER before she realised that her baby is going to make his first appearance in the world.

These photographs were clicked by a Manhattan photographer Tammy Karin owner of Little Leaping Photography. When we reached out to Tammy, she expressed how she would have regretted it if she missed these moments.

A Kansas mother, Jes Hogan one day realised that her baby was about to enter the world. 


Her husband Travis rushed but mama barely got through the ER doors before her son made his appearance. 

Jes then without wasting time started to pull off her pants because she knew that her body was ready to push the baby out. 

"I would have been very upset with myself had I missed it," says the photographer Tammy Karin. 

The nurses started rushing over to support the powerful mama.

It was all chaos until the tiny tot was successfully delivered in the hospital hallway.

Things didn't go as planned but the photographs captured by Tammy demonstrate the raw beauty of it. 

However, the best moment is when the mother holds her baby for the very first time. 

The newborn's parents were grateful to the hospital staff who did a great job handling the birth safely.  

Life has its ups and downs, but parenthood is something that turns all those moments to joyous. 

Meet Max!  

The whole miracle was captured by photographer Tammy Karin.

It was an unforgettable moment, and the parents will forever cherish it.

Best wishes to the newborn and his parents. Congratulations, Max. Now you have an unbelievable story to share about your birth. 

Source: Little Leapling Photography

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