These Technology Trends Will Turn 2018 Upside Down

The future of tech is brighter than your wildest imagination! 

These Technology Trends Will Turn 2018 Upside Down

"I visualize a time when we will be to robots what dogs are to humans, and I'm rooting for the machines." 

- Claude Shannon.

The world is changing at a rapid pace where machines and technology are taking over, be it the breakthroughs in Electromobility, Biology of Health, Deep Learning, Blockchain, or AR/VR, these technology trends will continue to drive change in the coming years. 

Sometimes I just can't imagine what the world will look like in a decade. Can you? Moreover, our dependence on these technologies is a sign that time is going to wrap up the human race in the hands of machines. What's your say about it? 

Blockchain Technology


BITCOIN! A blockchain based tech and the best performer currency in the year 2016. (However, it was something else in 2017). 

Blockchain technology is quite suitable for a variety of secured transactions. Applications such as supply chain management system can leverage the full potential of blockchain technology changing the face of business processes. 


Deep Learning

machine learning

Be it image recognition, voice recognition, and natural language processing, these technological advancements have come of age. Moreover, applications include voice and image compression, voice typing, security, targeting marketing, and even Deep learning- based design.

Augmented Reality

artificial intelligence

In July 2016, the world was introduced with a new face of augmented reality through the game 'POKEMON GO'. This technology has high potential to connect the machines to the real world not just through phones or computers but also through the mind consciousness. 

"Augmented reality will take some time to get right, but I do think that it's profound." - Tim Cook

Miniature Drones 

drones in future

Next on our list are the powerful miniature drones which will surely change the face of the world in the coming five years. The US, China, India, and several other countries have started working on these small monsters. Adding more to this, these drones will bring the good, the bad, and the ugly to the world from war to agriculture, from home appliances to high-end tech to change the face of this era.

Consciousness Hacking


Consciousness Hacking is a community spread across the globe, exploring the emerging tech as an impetus for emotional, psychological, and spiritual flourishing. Moreover, it's an inside-out perspective on how technology will serve us by enhancing our relationship to the world, rather than the world itself.

Technologies such as ECG, EEG, HRV, GSR will be leveraged to better understand the Body-Mind and connectedness of communities. 

Rise of 'new era' of time - IOT

Internet of Things

It has been predicted that by the year 2020 more than 75 billion devices will be interconnected encircling the world. These devices will work in a cooperative way as a part of intelligent eco-system. Moreover, they will be designed in a way that they'll be constantly gathering data, connecting, and sharing it to solve numerous problems.

"Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, and so were computers and smartphones. The future is coming" - MARK ZUCKERBERG, Facebook post, March 25, 2014

Virtual Reality


Yes, VR is indeed a part of our lives now. Right? Whether it's gaming or automotive manufacturing, Virtual Reality is taking over the world real fast. Moreover, we have some live examples of applications such as Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft's Cortana, and Apple's Siri.

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing

The arrival of quantum computing will enable an outstanding transformation of the computing power. The massive scale of this power will also establish a problem-solving algorithm such as unsupervised machine learning, which is imaginary with the current computer technology. 

Furthermore, IBM lately proclaimed a 50 qubit prototype quantum computer chip, we should see a 100-200+ qubit system in 2018.

Gamers! This one is for you!


Last on our list is the best out of all, not a tech or a disruption, however, a must to be included on the list. The world of gaming is surely taking us to a different level. Whether it's time travel, heavy warfare, or deathly hallows, gaming is the next big thing which will occur as a disruption on the world of tech in 2018.

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